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Property in Centre Ville

The Centre Ville is bordered by the four most sought-after neighbourhoods in Nice: place Massena, Wilson, Jean Médécin and the Carre d’Or. To call the area alluring is a serious understatement.

Nice’s town centre was created to impress. The porticoes under Galeries Lafayette were built by Nice’s Italian overlords. The Crédit Lyonnais building boasts a ballroom-style lobby. Even the local branch of BNP Paribas is a neoclassical mansion.

Along with place Garibaldi, the Centre Ville is the only area in Nice where Tramways 1 and 2 will meet. They will connect on the corner of avenue Jean Médécin and boulevard Victor Hugo – an address par excellence. In more prosaic terms such transport links brings the airport, Old Town, Promenade and Port within a single quick ride. Not for nothing are stores like Habitat and Sephora sited within 100m of this hub. Other local boutiques include Provençal chocolatier Puyricard and Parisian parfumier Marionnaud.

Some of the most sophisticated apartments in Nice are located in the surrounding streets. The bourgeois residences along rue de la Liberté and rue de l’Hôtel des Postes epitomise the zone’s building stock. More fabulous gated apartments – with requisite concierges and gardens – reign along rue Joseph Brès and rue Longchamp.

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