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Property in Gambetta

GambettaThe north-south axis of Boulevard begins at the palm trees of the Promenade and ends with views of the Alpes-Maritimes mountains. Along the route lie more plane trees and pavement cafés than a Parisian avenue.
Gambetta itself has seen huge investment of late. And not just in the renovation of the rococo and bourgeois façades that line the 500m-long thoroughfare. A new all-organic supermarket sits across from the private bilingual primary school. New restaurants abound near Jardin Alsace-Lorraine. This elegant park sits at the junction of boulevard Victor Hugo and comprises some of the most sought-after property in Nice.

Finally, a new underground station for Tramway 2 is being built underneath the Alsace-Lorraine gardens. Come 2018 no resident on the boulevard will be more than a four-minute walk from a speedy airport link. (The no.98 Airport Bus currently departs from Gambetta’s southern edge.)

Due east of boulevard Gambetta sit the most elegant streets in Nice. Predominately bourgeois apartments line the Carre d’Or quarter avenues of rue Maréchal Joffre and rue de France, and the Musiciens quarter avenues of rue Rossini and rue Verdi. You get what you pay for: supremely rentable real estate in Nice’s most elegant districts.Property in Gambetta

Conversely, the exact same building stock lines the streets due west of boulevard Gambetta. But this zone has been grossly undervalued for years. For a relative bargain stroll to the ultra-hip Hi Hotel on avenue des Fleurs (the western extension of boulevard Victor Hugo). Or check out the area around the Apple store on rue Dante (the western extension of rue de la Buffa).

Unique to boulevard Gambetta are the dozen tranquil one-way streets that lead off the main avenue. Particular favourites include parkside rue Kosma, elegant cul-de-sac rue Comba and boutique apartment block rue Depoilly.

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