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Property in Jean Médecin

jean-medecin1sJean Médecin is the grandest street in Nice. It’s lined with Aleppo pines, bookended by Galeries Lafayette, and served by the silent Tramway 1. So celebrated is this artery that’s it’s known to locals simply as “l’Avenue”. If you want to shop, stay, sip or stroll this is where you come. The resulting public transport links are the best in town.

Avenue Jean Médecin is the street that benefitted most from Tramway 1. Sure, the street looked like a bombsite during the three years of construction work from 2004-2007. But a decade later its broad sidewalks and elegant stores (from Zara to Zadig & Voltaire) pull in shoppers from across the Cote d’Azur. The inauguration of Tramway 2 in 2018, which will create a new pedestrian piazza and underground station on the corner of boulevard Victor Hugo, will bring further investment-led appreciation.

Real estate on the avenue itself is prime. Who wouldn’t want to stay above Mango? And what could be safer than living next to Société Générale?

The classiest apartment blocks date from Nice’s building boom after the city was incorporated into the French Republic in 1860 (avenue Jean Médecin itself jean-medecin4sdates from 1864). These include the Banque National de Paris mansion (1921) and the gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral (1868).

Elegant façades also flourish in the surrounding streets. The most elegant apartments for sale reside on the bourgeois boulevard of avenue Georges Clemenceau, on the newly pedestrianized square around rue de Suisse, and around the boutique Mecca of avenue Notre-Dame. Overlooked smaller streets primed for investment include shop-rich rue Lamartine, ritzy rue Valperga and tranquil rue Tiranty. All have seen a huge reduction in traffic since cars were fully banned on avenue Jean Médecin in 2012.

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