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Rialto's sunny balcony - ideal for an evening aperitif

Rialto’s private balcony – ideal for an evening aperitif

From high-fliers to foreign families, a variety of different types of buyers regularly choose to purchase property on the French Riviera. In this five-part series, we get up close and personal with a selection of these happy buyers, asking them about the buying process and their property goals.

Baambrugge, Netherlands-based Eric Grove (a senior purser for KLM) and Hans Zloch (a high school principal) purchased their Carré d’Or apartment Rialto in 2010.

Eric and Hans, why did you choose to buy an apartment in Nice? In particular, why did you choose your neighbourhood?

We bought an apartment in Nice, because it is easy to access the Riviera from the Netherlands. Also, life goes on in Nice all year around. Not only is it a city that’s popular with tourists. But a good mix of people live here, which gives Nice an international atmosphere.

We chose to purchase our apartment in the neighbourhood Carré d’Or, because we think it’s best area to live! It’s one pebble from the beach, has beautiful food stores and is quiet at night. If we talk about location, we really think Rialto is top of the bill!!

Rialto's sunny living room

Rialto’s sunny living room

What makes your apartment unique?

We try to keep our Rialto apartment like new: well organized and clean, as well as a tasteful environment. It’s important for us, but it is also good for our guests, so that – like us – they feel at home when they are in Nice too. We are proud of our small but spacious apartment! We call our Rialto apartment a little “villa” on the fourth floor.

The building's quiet courtyard

The building’s quiet courtyard

Has Nice changed since you have owned property here?

Nice hasn’t changed dramatically. It’s more that the government is completing a strategy that commenced years ago. They finished the wonderful Promenade du Paillon park, have added more biking paths throughout the city centre, and most of the buildings have been renovated. What you really notice now are more new restaurants and small shops.

We visit Nice around nine times each year and we never get bored. There’s so much to do – no matter what your lifestyle!

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