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Red tape is an integral part of France and has been for longer than we care to remember. We have all had our own Kafka-esque nightmares with the Caf or Préfecture, so it will come as no surprise that la bureaucratie plagues French real estate in the same way it most aspects of French life. However, if you’re buying or selling with us help deal with the admin so you don’t have to.

Nice Pebbles is a registered member of the FNAIM, (National Federation of French Estate Agents) and holder of the industry required Carte Professionelle.

It is a legal requirement in France that every company operating in real estate, be that sales or rentals, must carry a professional card and professional indemnity. This card protects the Owner of a property in case of any negligence, problems or difficulties that may arise throughout your time buying, renting or selling with us.

Gayle Roberts, Managing Director at Nice Pebbles has been registered with the FNAIM and carried our Carte Professionelle since 2008.

In spite of the fact that registration is a legal requirement, some agencies choose to disregard the law and operate illegally. Buying through an unlicensed agency could cause any number of problems; from invalidating your sale or purchase, to a heavy fine or even criminal prosecution. France takes no prisoners (no pun intended) with those they catch working without official industry registration. Unregistered companies also risk being closed down by the Préfecture (the civil police in France).

The implementation of the Loi ALUR is seen, in part, as a movement by the French government to clamp down on such agencies. Being registered with the FNAIM and holding our Carte Professionelle stand us, and you, in good stead when buying and selling. We receive all updates and advice on new legislation that enables us to put measures in place to help you protect your investment.

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