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Founded in 1946, FNAIM (National Federation of French Estate Agents) is the largest professional real estate organisation in Europe. It brings together approximately 12,000 agencies and 100,000 real estate experts specialising in over thirteen different professions including the property sale, rental management and consultancy sectors.

Every FNAIM member, i.e. every estate agency, pledges to abide by the Federation’s quality charter. The charter underlines the ethics, integrity and professionalism required by all FNAIM members. Anyone can complain to FNAIM if they feel their interests have not been properly protected.

Nice Pebbles pays a licence fee each year to FNAIM to properly protect the company, and each of its clients. In order to belong to FNAIM, a company has to have properly registered their business with the préfecture and be in possession of a Carte Professionelle.

The FNAIM body also represents and defends the interests of real estate professionals and their clients. The body actively participates in the preparation of statutory and regulatory provisions, lobbies for amendments, repeals or draft legislation for all topics that may have implications for French real estate.

We’ve also found FNAIM a good point of reference for information and economic studies on the real estate market. Every quarter, it puts out business updates presenting the position of old housing on the property transaction market, and once a year, that of the income-producing real estate market. It also publishes studies on the real estate industry and statistics worth knowing.

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