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Foreign cash keeps the French Riviera afloat

Foreign cash keeps the French Riviera afloat

Like any local holidaying in their own nation, the French are cheap. Over 50% of them stay with family when vacationing in France. Another 10% stay with friends.

I don’t mean to cause offense. Because Brits in Britain and Germans in Germany holiday at home in exactly the same manner. Why stay in a holiday rental apartment when you can have mum’s spare room?

Well, there’s another side to the story. You see, the French in France really are cheap. Here’s why, and here’s how it could affect your holiday rental income.

French are five times more likely than a foreigner to stay in a one or two star hotel. They are twice as likely to stay in a three star hotel. In the four star hotel category it’s neck and neck – locals and foreigners are both willing to pay for luxury.

But five star? It’s another story. Despite French outnumbering foreign tourists by a huge amount, foreigners are twice as likely to shell out for a ritzy room than locals. Brits, Americans, Chinese and Scandis book 4 million high-end hotel nights in France each year. French only book 2 million.

Another statistic adds progresses the point. Our Provence-Cote d’Azur region doesn’t have many one and two star hotels. In terms of three stars it’s only third in France. But for five star hotels (read the Negresco, the Hotel de Paris and the Grand Hotel de Cap Ferrat), it’s very nearly first, just a few hotel beds behind Paris.

The stats speak for themselves. The French Riviera market caters for luxury seeking foreigners, who are proven to pay big bucks for an ultra-luxe experience. Go cheap and you miss the boat. Decorate your apartment like a palace and you could net a princely income.

How else could you attract a five-star audience? Joining Pebbles Rentals would be a start. Their multi-lingual staff speak a dozen languages. And their website takes bookings in British pounds, American dollars and Chinese yuan. Those l’Occitane products and bottles of Bandol they put in every apartment are there for a reason.

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