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In part 1 we gave you the history and politics behind the Loi ALUR. This new law has been a minefield to navigate, but we believe it’s just a step to collect taxes.

In part 2 we tell you what the new law means to you, if you want to rent your Nice apartment out seasonally.

There’s two main implications:

  1. All property owners have to apply for what the town planning office calls a ‘change of usage’. This is an administrative process where a property is registered as commercial or revenue generating.This limits landlord’s permission to rent up to three properties in Nice. Permission is granted for a period of 3 years, which is renewable on re-application for a maximum of 9 years. No-one knows what happens after 9 years, most speculate it doesn’t matter because the law will have changed by then.
  2. Permission to rent will only be granted if less than 50% of available properties in a building are currently being used for seasonal or holiday lettings. Therefore, almost all buildings currently in Nice will be granted permission.There is no current appeals process, the city’s office regards all applications as just part of the process – providing you have been paying your taxes, or you’ve just acquired the property.

To apply for a change of usage for your property you will need to fill out a Demande d’autorisation temporaire préalable à la mise en location dune habitation en meublé touristique (constitue un changement dusage). [Download]

If you are working with us to buy or rent your property, we will of course give you an English translation and help you to fill in the form.

All landlords must submit to the mairie Une déclaration de location en meublé touristique [Download]. This is the registration form for payments of the taxe de séjour (stay tax), payable by tourists. Landlords will have to submit regular payments of the taxe to the Direction adjointe en charge de la fiscalité locale, or local tax office.

There is good news!

If you are a client of Pebbles, we will manage all payments of the taxe de séjour on your behalf. We’ve been doing this over 5 years, since holiday rentals came under the law. If you’re a new owner on our portfolio, we’ll do this for you.

In Part 3 we discuss France’s tighter grip on tax collection, fines for those who don’t register and how this will benefit us and Nice as a whole.

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