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View from Le Neptune, the priciest property in Nice Port

View from Le Neptune, the priciest property in Nice Port

Thanks to France’s unique real estate laws, registered agencies like Pebbles can show you almost any property on the Riviera. That’s why local buyers allow just one agency to work on their behalf. After all, who wants to trail round a dozen offices in the baking sun?

In our latest blog series we explore the weirdest and most wonderful real estate in the South of France. All of which are available to view with Pebbles.

This month: Neptune Building, Nice Port

Prime real estate in Nice Port hovers around €5,000m2. Add a sea view and it’s €7,500m2. But in the Neptune Building apartments are snapped up for €10,000m2 – and more.

That’s because Le Neptune is a prestigious building. Or ‘immeuble standing’ in real estate vernacular.

Curiously, it’s the only new building on the block. Here’s why.

Most of the Port’s property stock dates from the 1860 building boom when Nice became part of France. The arrival of the railway from Paris in 1864 further flooded the south with investors. But in the only undeveloped corner of Quai des Docks, permission was granted to build Le Neptune in 1963. By 1975 the 100-apartment complex was topped off, painted red and yellow, and placed on the market.

The allure was obvious. In this historical quartier, the Neptune Building had all mod cons. Elevators. Disabled access. Floor to ceiling windows. Plus the accoutrements so desired by the modern buyer: balconies, sea views and a hotel-sized foyer.

Properties naturally rent like a dream. Our sister holiday rental agency Nice Pebbles markets one bedroom apartments here for €1,000 per week. A row of fine restaurants including seafood specialist Orée du Port sit below. A line of traditional pointu wooden fishing boats bob out front.

There’s another bonus too. In recent years local authorities have reinstated the free pointu service across the port that last operated in the 1950s. This cross-harbour shuttle is entirely free. Just step onto the vintage boat from outside Le Neptune. You’ll be delivered to Bistrot de la Port two minutes later.

Still interested? That’s good. Because properties in Le Neptune certainly hold their value. At Pebbles we have a waiting list of potential buyers on speed dial should an apartment become available, as they do several times each year.

Contact us for an insider call next time. We’ll also show you similar sea view properties on boulevard Franck Pilatte, like the prestigious Bleu Rivage apartment block.

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