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Burger CollageIt’s never been a secret that local restaurants and desirability of an area go hand in hand. It’s even less of a secret that the French Riviera’s restaurant reputation is one of the best in the world. Even so, we’d felt that Nice’s offerings were getting a little stale of recent years, but we’re noticing a big change. There’s some tasty rewards on the property front when you start to notice this upward trend. New restaurants can work wonders for the reputation of an area, and the area around Place Massena and Place Wilson has seen the opening of many a newbie in the last twelve months, and the rest of Nice can see some mouth watering new additions too.

One example is the recent surge in high class quality burger joints opening up over the past twelve months, and the surge of new up-coming chains backed by high-investment.

At the end of last summer Le Big Fernand opened its doors to massive queues and a tornado of local publicity. This French chain that originally started in Paris now has 23 restaurants across France, one in Hong Kong, Dubai and London, spreading at deep-fry speed the French touch to fast food with daily delivered fresh bread, classically French cheese toppings, fries dusted with a signature spice mix and homemade gourmet tomato ketchup. Located at 52 rue Giofreddo, if that’s too far to walk then Deliveroo service is available.

Burger and Champagne could only be done in France. The very  upmarket Try Burger at 1 rue de l’Opera opened around the same time as Le Big Fernand. Their posh nosh burger has been taken to the next level, with their aim to make burgers healthy through the use of controlled cooking environments and top quality ingredients… all for top quality Riviera prices! Coca-Cola is not an option but there is a wide selection of French wine, champagne, craft beer and sugar-free organic sodas available to help you wash down the bill!

And finally the newest addition is Les Burgers de Papa which opened at the beginning of January 2017 and spitting distance from our property sales shop at 26 rue de l’hotel des Postes. Much more in keeping with a traditional American diner this growing chain also seems to be quickly making its mark across France. The Nice branch is it’s tenth. We’re now finding we’re grabbing a burger with some of our sales clients to discuss their shortlist after a days’ property visits.

Tasty rewards are to be had for the investor who scours this recent surge in restaurant chains to discover where property is hot, and where it’s not.

We’re always available to give you our thoughts about which areas are worthy of investment over others. Contact us for a chat anytime.



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