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As Macron unpacks at the Elysee Palace, the country is breathing a sigh of relief and expectations are high. We have high hopes that if progress can be made, those who take the plunge and buy their dream second home will be basking in more than just sunshine for years to come.

  1. Removing the shackles from businesses

Then and now: We’re all still subjected to the rude / non-existent customer service here. When you get to know the politics, you understand the reasons behind the surly sulks. Most employees lucky to have work at all have been on minimum wage for decades, with no prospects. Small businesses can’t afford staff or upgrades. Everyone is depressed and repressed.

The future: Every political party recognises that rigid French employment regulation and red tape and costs for business must be cut if the French economy is to turn around. Macron’s manifesto promises just that.  Yep, they’ll be strikes and a bit of pain, but once modern reforms take shape, there will be even more reason to visit.

  1. All out promotion, millennium style

Then and now: For decades, France and the Cote d’Azur has enjoyed top placed positions as the tourist destination of the world. As the world has become more mobile and globally aware, its crown hasn’t been quite so glittery.

The future: Macron has taken office with a little luck and a lot of social media tricks from his young astute activists. This ex-Rothschild banker knows a jewel he can polish is the tourist trade. Setting his tech savvy employees on exploiting France’s natural reserves French beaches, French cuisine and of course French wine is a sure thing.

  1. Nice’s City improvements

Then and Now: Christian Estrosi, President of the Provence-Alpes Cote d’Azur region never stops improving the region. A major is advantage of Nice is the short journey of the airport to the city centre. After Paris, Nice’s airport is the busiest in France. Nice saw the 8.7 kilometre, 21 station tramway started gliding through the city in 2007. For the last two years, this asset has been much a nuisance with the long-awaited East-West line, causing noise, frustration and a bit of misery amongst tourists.

The Future:

By 2018 the airport will have completed it’s 8.5 million euro make-over. More airlines are announcing plans for direct flights to Nice. From May 2017, British Airways launched summer direct flights to Nice from London Stansted.

By 2019, the 650million euro project of the new tramline will be linking tourists and locals alike from the airport to the Port and everywhere in between. If you missed a previous blog post about this, find out more here:

Given a little nudge with media initiatives, few will resist the glistening waters of the Mediterranean, the culinary delights of French cuisine and the vast array of cultural, artistic experiences enjoyed on the French Riviera.

  1. The weather

Then and now: July and August always see the beaches awash with sun-kissed, smiley happy people. The average summer temperature is 24°C (74°F).

The future: Erm, see above.

  1. The rise of the home from home

Then and now: Five years ago, less than 10% of the worldwide population had heard of Airbnb, the Un-Hotel, the Home from Home. Guests who were a bit more savvy had HomeAway, VRBO etc but they were seen as the alternative travelers, not the mainstream. Airbnb and the rise of the short let revolution is here to stay.

The Future: . The virtual match-makers of hosts and guests are multiplying fast. There’s also a growing trend to the more hotel style accommodation with full management uniformity. Pebbles will remain, as it always has been, at the forefront of quality holiday rentals in Nice. Buying in Nice and renting your holiday home a little or a lot has never been easier.  There’s a home from home for everyone. There’s an investment opportunity for many. Why not join in.

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