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Buying Property in Nice

Zone Pietonne
At Nice Pebbles we’ve been offering apartments and villas for sale in Nice since 2005. We’ve welcomed buyers from literally every corner of Europe, the US and Australia and have walked scores of clients through the purchase process.

We see success in the Nice property business as a matter of ‘who cares wins’. As one-time customers ourselves, we would be very weary buying from an estate agent that didn’t have both bi-lingual staff and a centrally located sales office. We’re sure that our current customers feel the same.

Rather than being a shifty website with no legal backing, we’re a fully insured and registered real estate agent in Nice with a track record of selling great properties across the French Riviera. And, like every other licensed real estate agency in Nice, our fees are paid for by the vendor, so we don’t charge you a single centime for our service. Yup, it’s completely free.

Nevertheless, buying abroad can be a daunting process. Even though purchasing property in Nice is a well-trodden path compared with real estate deals in Bulgaria, Morocco and similar destinations, it still pays to be aware. At Nice Pebbles we’ve tried to demystify the process by giving customers an inside line on the areas of Nice and a head start on understanding the Nice property purchase process.

Whether you are buying for rental investment or simply for pleasure we’re sure that our properties in Nice will suit. And we have additional access to over 80% of the apartments and villas across Nice so we’re sure we can find the right place for you. Please contact us and we’ll start your property search today.