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Viewing properties across Nice

Place Massena
Viewing properties in Nice the most important stage in the property buying process. With Nice Pebbles it’s also a lot of fun and we’ll tour around as many suitable apartments and villas for sale in Nice as you wish. As we are a fully licensed and insured real estate agency in France we have access to over 80% of the properties currently for sale in Nice.

These tips should prove useful when you come to look at properties in Nice with us.

Plan ahead where possible

It’s great to see you, even if you’ve popped in unannounced. If you have the chance to plan though, it pays. Sometimes viewing schedules can be severly hampered if you come when there’s French bank holidays, property trade shows, staff holidays or school holidays. Much of the property in France is shared, and often requires the attendance of two agencies. Unlike the UK, viewing visits are rarely unaccompanied so even if Pebbles works at the weekend, many agencies don’t. To avoid disappointment, let us know in good time when you plan to come over and view.

Be prepared for the viewing schedule to change

With much of the sales property in Nice being shared, plan too far in advance and the property might be sold before you get here. This is why viewing schedules are only likely to be firmed up a few days before the fun begins.

Wear sensible shoes

OK, the phrases “sensible shoes” and “French Riviera” hardly go arm-in-arm. But after climbing apartment stairs in heels ourselves, we recommend you pack a pair of ballet pumps or sneakers for total comfort.

Be punctual

Your schedule of property viewings has been carefully planned for you in advance with a calculated time scale. It is in your interests to be on time as many of our vendors are busy professionals who have set aside the time for our viewing and won’t wait if we are late. With a punctual start to proceedings we’ll have sufficient time to discuss your personal situation without rushing around and will make sure we see as many properties as possible.

Make notes

As we can visit around to six or eight properties in a day’s viewing, it’s hard to remember certain details that you liked/disliked. We suggest you make notes to refer to later when you can discuss at leisure whilst sipping a chilled rosé. You will be given a Nice Pebbles folder with the sales details of each property that you will be seeing so you can make notes here. We’ll also be then ready to discuss your shortlist once you have had time to take stock.

Ask all the questions you want

Can you replace the bath with a wet room? Can you order your Ikea kitchen online and have it delivered after signing? What are the neighbours like? Please feel free to ask anything you like when we’re viewing properties in Nice. Don’t be afraid to bring a list of questions with you either – we’re here to help, not to hinder! This applies before you arrive, whilst you are here and after you leave.

Bring a bottle of water

We can pause for a few espressos en route, but viewing property for sale in Nice is often tiring. A bottle of water and a sense of discovery will go along way.

Don’t be shy

Don’t really like this place? Feel that the area might be a touch too bourgeois, bohemian or boring for you? Can’t see yourself gliding up five floors in a charmingly romantic – but very tight – lift? There are no rules against not liking a place, and certainly no rules about saying the right thing just to please us. Sometimes our clients arrive looking for the wrong style of apartment or villa, despite reading about the different areas of Nice and the types of properties for sale in each one. Tell us how you’re feeling and we’ll do our best to find a place to suit you.