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Real Estate Alert: Daniel Libeskind designs Nice-Ville spaceship

Daniel Libeskind should need no introduction. But just in case he does, he’s the fellow who designed the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the new World Trade Centre in Manhattan. You get the picture. Now the globally famed architect has designed a “reflective façade covered with metal as facets and scales with serigraphs”, where “each … Continue reading

Real Estate Alert: Nice Old Town’s new 5-star hotel

It’s the project that could change the face of Nice Old Town. A five-star hotel is currently being installed in the quarter’s oldest building. Adjoining boutiques and bars will cater to the moneyed clientele. Welcome to the Couvent de la Visitation, soon to be a luxury inn, which has a backstory that only France could … Continue reading

All aboard! Nice’s new tram commences service this June

They’re here. The bright red Airport Trams have been spotted on the newly cobbled tram tracks near the Promenade des Anglais. Better still, they look seriously cool. Variously described as ‘chic’ and ‘racy’, the new trainsets were given the once over by mayor Christian Estrosi in February 2018. This June they will zip towards the … Continue reading

Why Nice’s turnkey property market is booming

A turnkey property is just that. One that you can twist a key to open post-purchase, revealing a fully furnished space with cutlery in the drawer and sheets on the beds. Preferably with a bottle of rosé in the fridge as well. For good reason is Nice’s turnkey market booming. To most investors, time is … Continue reading

Neighbourhood investment hot spot: Nice-Ville Train Station

The grandest building stock in Nice isn’t along the Promenade des Anglais. Nor does it reside in the venerable Musiciens quarter. The most rococo, ostentatious and general over-the-top apartment blocks in the Cote d’Azur sit just north and south of Nice-Ville train station. There’s a reason for that. Back in 1860 the former Italian city … Continue reading

Five rental property additions that could make you thousands

I’ve been in the Nice property rental business for 15 years. Just when I thought I had made every lock and local instruction foolproof…I get a call at 2am wondering where the night pharmacy is or why the key doesn’t work. By interviewing dozens of property owners I’ve managed to ascertain what I can purchase cheaply … Continue reading

Neighbourhood investment hot spot: Nice Port

Until 1860 Nice was an Italian city. The rococo legacy of soaring churches, Genoese buildings and elegant piazzas like Place Garibaldi remain. When Nice became part of France counts more in property investment terms. In 1861 the French took surprise ownership of the finest port after Toulon, and an infrastructure building boom continues to this … Continue reading

Airport Tram: 12 months to go!

Just 12 months to go! This time next year chic red trams will zip along the Promenade des Anglais, as Line 2 of the Nice’s tramway opens for business. It’s about time. The new line will run every three minutes between Nice Port and Nice Airport. Equally importantly, it will take 20,000 cars off the … Continue reading

Profit from the Italians: the Cote d’Azur’s best customers

The Cote d’Azur’s best customers aren’t Brits (second place). Nor Americans or Germans (in joint third place with 8% each of all overseas visits). Say buongiorno to the Italians, who make up nearly 20% of all French Riviera tourists. And say benvenuti to the billions of tourist Euros they bring in each year. That statistic … Continue reading

5 reasons why we think the French Riviera will be more vogue than ever by the start of 2019

As Macron unpacks at the Elysee Palace, the country is breathing a sigh of relief and expectations are high. We have high hopes that if progress can be made, those who take the plunge and buy their dream second home will be basking in more than just sunshine for years to come. Removing the shackles … Continue reading