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Property in St Paul de Vence

“A very attractive village perched on a rocky ledge, surrounded by its original architecture that attracts many visitors during the summer months…”

St Paul de VenceSaint Paul is a charming fortified hilltop village in Provence, filled with boutiques, art galleries and cafes. There is a great view of the village from the La Colle road. It’s hard to find something not to like in this charming village.

A walk through its winding streets reveals delicate fountains, vine-covered walls and hidden stones statues. St Paul de VenceThere are stunning views of mountains and sea. Even the cobblestones beneath your feet are laid in the shape of flowers.

The old town is still entered through the original gateways, which have been perfectly maintained. There’s also the historical centre that houses one of the original cannons of the battlements.

Saint Paul has many things on offer that you wouldn’t expect; from shopping markets to picking grapes in the Vineyards, to relaxing in the spa, there’s always something to take your fancy whatever your mood!

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