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Property in Vence

“Its charming and impressive views have inspired generations of artists and even today you’ll see people setting up easels to paint the local landscapes..”

Vence Vielle VilleThe village of Vence is worlds away from the other bustling coastal towns. Life in the medieval village goes by at a different pace, giving you time to appreciate the smaller details and take in the historic surroundings.

Vence has been a market town for centuries offering fresh local produce of flowers, fish, honey, bakeries, and an endless variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, it’s a feast of colours and smells. The town has some sophisticated restaurants, which come highly recommended. Chapelle MatisseAs well as a market town, Vence is also an artist’s town so as you can imagine, it is full of galleries displaying paintings and other examples of their work.

Even the water is special in Vence. Coming from a source just above the village, the clear mineral water of “La Foux” is available from fountains in different parts of the village, including the stunning 1822 fountain in the Place Peyra where an old marble plaque lists the amounts of the different minerals present.

There is no area in Vence to be avoided it isn’t often you can say that about a place, it is a working town of many nationalities, so it isn’t tacky or overly touristy, the place isn’t lacking in fine hotels. Many of which still have traces of their original architecture. Everything about this village is beautiful and attracts lots of visitors every year.

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