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Don’t just take our word for it, buying an apartment or villa with Nice Pebbles is easy – and a lot of fun in the process.

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We stayed in Nice using Nice Pebbles rentals in 2014, renting two properties for 6 weeks to see if we enjoyed living in Nice as much as we thought we would. The rental system was great and we loved Nice and decided that would be our goal, to have a rental property we could use and that Nice was the perfect location

Skip to 2017 and the search began. Ours was not the dream, easy purchase, but hey, nothing worth doing is ever easy. Olivia and the Pebbles team did a fantastic job. Olivia would explain everything to us and answer my very numerous questions and kept us informed all the way, even if it wasn’t good news which I appreciated immensely.

We started our purchase process in March 2017, describing our perfect unit which we intend to use ourselves and also add to the Pebbles portfolio. This made for a rather specific list of must haves and a small list of things we would compromise on.

We had a couple of false starts with purchasing one property which took us to the end of June. We then had to start the process over, and thought our hope of finding the perfect spot seemed to be disappearing, however we did find a lovely spot which ticked 90% of our must have boxes and after some good negotiations by the Pebbles team we were in the process of purchasing our slice of the French Riviera.

Olivia introduced us to a great notaire who spoke English which made the paperwork so much easier and between the notaire and Pebbles they pushed to get completion before Christmas. As the date approached it was not looking like it would happen, but then as with Pebbles usual ability to do the seemingly impossible we settled on 21st December meaning we were able to be in our new apartment for Christmas and I was able to enjoy the lovely Christmas Markets.

I thank Gayle, Olivia, Vanina and all the team at Pebbles for making our dream turn into reality. I would have no hesitation in recommending both the Sales and the Rentals teams.

As I write this our property is under renovation ready to be a Nice Pebbles holiday rental from Summer 2018.

Michelle and Daniel Silke, May 2018

Olivia, please accept these flowers as a small token of our immense thanks for making the purchase of our wonderful new apartment ‘Penchienatti’ such a smooth experience. From start to finish, we really benefited from your organisation, expertise and extensive knowledge of the sales and rental markets.We so appreciated having you there with us every step of the way – with your seemingly endless patience for making sure we knew what was happening, what was going to happen, what we needed to do and for answering my seemingly endless list of questions. Also for all the amazing people you recommended to help us with the paperwork – special thanks here to the marvellous Michael and Hugo. We are lucky we found Pebbles, and we look forward to continuing working with the Pebbles Rentals team. Thank you, thank you!

Sophie Sharp, May 2018

Arrived back in Richmond sad, as leaving Nice is like a bereavement! I wanted to share with you our profound thanks for your ever cheerful demeanour, sheer professionalism and the successful sale. We originally arrived in Nice like ‘babes in the wood’, determined to acquire a stake in the Cote d’Azure.

My blood runs cold when I think of the pitfalls we avoided, fortunately we encountered Pebbles who steered us through the purchase, helped us acquire a local bank account and insurance. Pebbles managed the rental side with aplomb thanks to the array of skilled staff who helped with any number of ‘issues’ ( I think period buildings, like their human counterparts can suffer from incontinence, that is periodic leaks! ) Pebbles interceded helpfully in all the minor difficulties that arose in our 6 year sojourn.

The experience and local knowledge we have amassed fills us with confidence for our next foray into the Nice property market.

The final accolade is for you and your team, what a ‘Class Act’, a sale without hiccup, superb notaire and best of all new owners who seem to cherish ‘Penchienatti’,

Best wishes,


Peter Farrell, March 2018

Since 1988 I have travelled extensively through France at various intervals. In Autumn 1994 I first visited Nice and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t overly impressed. Perhaps it was because I was viewing the place through the “spectacles” of a backpacker, on a fairly limited budget. Perhaps it was also prior to there being much improvement in the inner city landscape. Whatever the reason, as the idea to purchase a property in France developed, my main attraction was actually to the south-western region of France, in the Languedoc area. However, my views changed radically in January 2015, when I attended the “France Show” at Olympia, in London.

As a New Zealander, based in the Middle East, I’m very much an ex-pat/ distance buyer. I was probably most concerned in the after-purchase situation where I could have a reliable property manager. From the “France Show” I learned that there was a very good local, real-estate infrastructure, well-suited to the British/ Anglophone buyer. I have a running knowledge of French, but having bi-lingual agents made the prospect of purchasing in Nice much more comfortable. After a bit more research I learned about ‘Nice-Pebbles’ and their philosophy. Nice and the Cote d’Azur, as an area to purchase, was becoming an attractive area to buy.

I visited Nice briefly in July 2015 and again in January, the following year. By the end of that time, my mind to purchase in Nice and through “Nice- Pebbles” was made up. I found both Rebecca and Gayle very approachable and they both provided useful information on purchasing and the post-purchase situation. I was very attracted to the idea that Nice-Pebbles already had a solid and well-established reputation among buyers and with the holiday market, as well as being registered professionally in the UK. More relevant to me personally, I liked the idea that as property managers, “Nice-Pebbles” is very proactive  in the marketing and advertising of properties to ensure the best chance of occupancy.

I think I made my initial offer to purchase in March 2016. The next couple of months ran smoothly and I found no real issues with the French system of property purchase, even though for most of the process I was far off, in the Middle East. My only real concern came with the transfer of funds, from New Zealand to France in late June. At that time, I was on vacation in Cuba, which has very limited internet access! However, the notaire, who had been recommended by Rebecca was very understanding, and the conveyance was made ‘sans probleme’!

Since July, ‘la Belle Excuse’ has had quite a good rental turn-over. No doubt the sad events of July 14, 2016 have made an impact (as they will have, throughout France,) but as I stated before, Nice-Pebbles is very proactive in their marketing campaigns and strategies and I have been impressed by their adaptability and insight.  It would seem that 2017 has started positively. I have managed to stay twice at ‘la Belle Excuse’ since July. I very much like the owners’ portal which allows me access to information and to block the apartment for my own use, when and as I wish. Since purchasing the property, my dealings have been with Emily and her advice and updates have been excellent.

A year on since making my offer, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and remain confident in Nice-Pebbles’ ability to maintain my interests.

John Davis, March 2016

The fantastic team at Pebbles made purchasing a flat in Nice easy and, dare I say it, fun  – Klaske immediately sought to understand what I was looking for – not just in terms of the specifics of locations, size etc, but in terms of the “feel” of the places that I was interested in. She was the one who suggested the flat that I ultimately fell in love with. After that, the Pebbles team was brilliant with negotiating, paperwork and helping me understand the process – their recommended Notaire explained all the legal implications in detail (in English) and I was left feeling confident and in very safe hands.

Once I had completed the purchase, I had hoped to rent the property through Pebbles – I had a certain amount of dread about dealing with utility providers, legal requirements and refurbishment of a flat in a different country (none of which I had ever done before). I needn’t have worried. The process of getting everything up to scratch was managed incredibly smoothly by Emily and her team – their cheerful helpfulness was exactly what I needed. I honestly couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Sheena Cassidy, March 2017

I am a first time buyer and have recently bought a beautiful buy to let studio apartment on the Promenade in Nice, which I couldn’t have done without the help of Nice Pebbles and my Sales Agent, Rebecca White.

Rebecca and her colleagues have been incredibly helpful, arranging viewings over 3 separate viewing visits, each time showing me a range of locations and types of property, which helped me to refine my requirements with each visit. Rebecca gave me valuable advice and guidance about the local rental area and rental market, and also about local developments, including the new tramline, to help me realise the future potential of properties, which I may not have been fully aware of otherwise.

On my final visit, Rebecca showed me a property with an asking price exceeding my budget, which I was therefore rather reluctant to see, but Rebecca had of course done her research, and she knew that the buyer was keen to sell, so would be willing to negotiate on price.
This was the property that I ended up buying! Whilst the buying process was rather lengthy (which is standard in France), I am now a proud owner of a beautiful seafront apartment! Rebecca provided a great service along the way, answering my many questions, and putting me in contact with the relevant people, and she also offered a superb after sales service. She put me in contact a local workman for some renovation work, a letting agent (as Nice Pebbles weren’t taking onboard any more smaller apartments), a colleague to help me arrange an internet/TV package, and she even offered to take delivery of a couple of furniture orders for me.
Without Rebecca’s help, the whole process would have been so much more difficult to navigate, especially as I’m based in the UK. I am so grateful for Rebecca’s help, and look forward to having my newly renovated property on the rental market in the next few weeks!I cannot recommend Nice Pebbles enough!
Rhoda Day, March 2017


With great warmth and gratitude we recall communication with sales agent Martin. He reacted to our wishes. Thanks to him, we became owners of the cosy apartments in the Centre of Nice. And after buying helped us settle down in a new place. Will definitely recommend to friends. Many thanks to Martin and prosperity to all the Pebbles staff!
Natalie and Alain Hermann, Feb 2017

First and foremost – thank you!  I fell in love with Nice over 20 years ago and still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming and that I really own an apartment in this wonderful city.

Simon and I started out tentatively; we wanted a two bedroom apartment, in walking distance to the beach and old town, needing no work (yes, we’d read all the horror stories about getting work done in France).  We now own a large, soon to be four bedroom apartment currently undergoing a huge renovation – thanks (I think!) to Nice Pebbles.

Before meeting Martin at Pebbles, we had looked at several apartments but were concerned about the logistics of getting work done and managing rentals on the property from abroad.  Pebbles answered every question we had with expertise, honesty and sound advice backed by solid evidence; owing to their extensive rental database they know what they are looking for in terms of prime rentals which helped narrow our search.

Martin was extremely patient, working with us as we came to realise what it was we really wanted, discounting numerous apartments along our journey.  Following really useful discussions with Martin and Gayle (the owner) we realised that our needs and rental potential would be better suited to a 3 bedroom apartment and we fell in love with the location and potential of a beautiful apartment overlooking Alsace-Lorraine, where we can drink our coffee on the balcony in the Nice sunshine, overlooking over the park, left to the mountains and right to the sea.  What’s not to love?

The apartment was way over budget, especially given the work required, so we followed Nice Pebbles advice, remained patient and negotiated with heads and not hearts –  we ended up getting the apartment within our budget.  Prior to purchase Nice Pebbles put us in touch with 2 local project managers who we met at the apartment and who provided price estimates for the work.  Our purchase completed 2 months ago and, whilst not entirely straightforward Martin guided us every step of the way and organised everything at the point of sale (electricity, water etc.). The work is now underway, being entirely organised by Anca, one of Pebbles many contacts and we can’t wait until it’s finished and we can enjoy the summer sunshine there.

So thank you Nice Pebbles for making the whole process so much easier than we could have imagined and we look forward to continuing to work with you once our soon to be beautiful apartment is ready to rent!

Karen & Simon Wallis-Smith Feb 2017

I am pleased to recommend the Pebbles team to any potential property buyers in Nice. Martin, assisted by Dean (a former intern) did a fantastic job of helping me purchase my flat, and as a result the whole process from locating an apartment of moving in took around 3 months.

I appreciated many aspects of the services provided by Pebbles including things that I hadn’t expected such as proving referrals to a range local professionals e.g. the notaire and the renovator. However there are two things that I found particularly useful.  The first was the effort that was made to find the right apartment for me as I would not have found my apartment without Martin’s help and the advice I received on how to secure it.  I had wanted to find an apartment in the Mont Boron area but my budget was comparatively small for this location so I was very happy to be able to buy a property that not only had a sea view but was also not overlooked (sans vis-à-vis).   The second thing that was very helpful, was the attention to detail that was given to reviewing the diagnostic documents which meant that the all the details could easily be discussed with the notaire prior to signing any paperwork.

It is now 9 months since I bought my apartment and I am still enjoying my apartment which is based in a great location in Mont Boron but also close to the Port.

Liz, February 2017

We purchased a flat in June 2016 through Nice Pebbles and recommend them very highly. Buying a flat in another country can be a daunting and frustrating process. However the staff at Pebbles worked hard to help us every step of the way. Before we arrived for our first visit to Nice we were in touch regularly with Pebbles – discussing the type of property we were interested in and looking online at various properties for sale. To make our trip efficient Martin lined up a whole range of properties to view. After we returned to England, Dean continued to visit properties on our behalf, take photographs, and give us feedback. When we eventually decided on to make an offer on a property they helped us with the negotiations with the vendor about price and bits of furniture. Martin was also there throughout meetings with the notaire, helping to translate and assure us that the process was going smoothly. He helped transfer all the utilities and syndic information to our name as well as buy insurance for us. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without his and Pebbles help.

Kazbi and Zahir Soonawalla, February 2017 


Pebbles has been invaluable to us in our experience of both holidaying and buying our own property in Nice. We had a loose brief and a tight budget but with information from Dean in the UK office and the assistance of Rebecca in Nice we soon viewed a fantastic property – the third and last – which now belongs to us. Rebecca was great at understanding our real requirements and found us the apartment, which we had not registered when looking by ourselves. It may cost more initially (buyers pay agent’s fees in France so negotiate) but it is worth it in the long run to have someone familiar within such a large and fast moving property market.

Rebecca and her then assistant Beth helped and supported us throughout the entire buying process and we felt confident in the knowledge and professionalism of all Pebbles staff and the other agencies and associates that they have been able to recommend.

Pebbles has helped us to find great property, been alongside us through the buying process, supported us in setting ourselves up administratively into the French system, linked us up with a great designer and contractor for our renovations, and are soon to be letting our property for holidays – when we can bare to be parted from it! Emily and Lenka have been very helpful so far with moving us along this process.

In our experience so far, Nice Pebbles is a reputable company with very friendly and supportive staff. We would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or rent on The Cote d’ Azur.

THE WALTONS, UK, January 2017


Dear Matthew and Gayle,I have never felt compelled to write to the Directors of a company before to thank them, but in this case I needed to write to express my gratitude for everything Nice Pebbles did for me recently in overseeing the purchase of my property on rue Droite – a long standing dream come true!

This would not have been possible without the utmost support, advice and guidance of Nice Pebbles. From the moment I first enquired about purchasing a property in July 2014, to the moment of stepping in as the new owner, Pebbles has been extraordinary.

I had actually been looking for an apartment in Nice for a number of years, and had visited several times in the hope of buying a property. I hadn’t really gained any traction with other agents and It wasn’t until friends rented an apartment through Nice Pebbles (and had a wonderful experience) that I became aware of your company. I emailed randomly in July last year before another planned visit in August and Pebbles immediately responded. Not only was she responsive and professional, but she also intuitively grasped what I was searching for. I spent a very happy week with Pebbles looking at many apartments before deciding which one was for me.

Although I had read practically every guide printed as to how to navigate the purchasing process in France – the unexpected quirks and immense paperwork was still a shock. But Pebbles supported me throughout each step and made me feel confident and secure. No small feat when I was by now thousands of miles away in Australia!

After finally overseeing the signing of the acte authentique, Pebbles then met and greeted my weary family after our long haul flight from Sydney. She had ensured that the heating was on and the apartment was warm and welcoming. She had even thoughtfully arranged for our name tag to be placed next to the door bell and letter box – something she knew I would be ecstatic to see!

It wasn’t until we entered the apartment that I realised the full extent of the care she had gone to – providing linen, pillows and duvets so we had somewhere to sleep. I understand you kindly provided this for us and I wanted to write to thank you personally for this. I fully expected a rushed visit to Monoprix to buy duvets and was completely blown away by your generosity in providing this for us. I had promised my husband and children an adventure – ‘glamping in Nice’ and here we were, with every comfort provided – albeit with no furniture. That was to come later!

We had a wonderful couple of weeks buying new things and making a little home for ourselves and we look forward in anticipation of many happy years ahead together in Nice.

We were very sad to leave, and when we dropped everything back to the lovely Tina on rue Giofreddo, I resolved to return in June (and will look forward to hearing news of her baby!)

Congratulations on everything you have achieved with Nice Pebbles and in particular in the choice of your exceptional team.

If it were not for Pebbles, I would still be searching and perhaps my dream of owning an apartment in Nice would have remained just that. Thanks to Pebbles and Nice Pebbles, my dream became a reality and I am so very, very happy!

Thank you again.

Stephanie Hutchinson, January 2015

“Ordinarily, an online purchase of property in a foreign country could be an anxious and stressful experience for a buyer. But with the superb support and assistance of my NicePebbles representative (Pebbles), every conceivable (and inconceivable!) challenge that surfaced was a thrilling and educational adventure. I received expert advice and solid support from NicePebbles throughout the entire process and, in addition, NicePebbles provided sublime legal representation. The firm that represented me worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure that I understood every element of the purchase process and everyone concerned acted in a thoroughly professional (and exceptionally friendly) manner. They even arranged for a long-distance telephone conversation in which the lawyer and I painstakingly reviewed every word on every page of the contract agreement prior to execution.

When I arrived in Nice to complete the purchase and receive the keys, Pebbles had already arranged appointments for me with a bank (to open an account) and an insurance company. In addition to that, she worked tirelessly in arranging for and opening water, electricity and gas accounts for me, all of which would have been a daunting task to manage on my own.

Anyone interested in buying property in Nice, but who may be somewhat intimidated by their lack of French language skills or the sheer magnitude of the process itself, has nothing to worry about if they arrange their purchase through NicePebbles.”

Mark Kulak, January 2015

“We recently purchased a two-bed apartment in Nice through Nice Pebbles. Pebbles was our point of contact throughout the purchase process from our initial enquiry to post-purchase matters. She proved to be very knowledgeable about the general market conditions and helped us considerably with our negotiations with the sellers. Not only was Pebbles very efficient and helpful, she also has a very outgoing and friendly personality.Pebbles recommended a Notaire to us to deal with the legal aspects of the purchase and everything was conducted professionally and without any hitches so much so that we became proud owners of our own little bit of the Riviera in October 2014.

Since then, Nice Pebbles After-sales service has been most helpful in ensuring that we are set up to deal with all the necessary bureaucracy and administration that comes with home ownership in France.

We are currently undertaking some refurbishment and furnishing of the apartment and intend to use Nice Pebbles Rental service when we introduce our property to the rental market early in 2015. We have every confidence that they will be able to deliver the service that we are looking for!

We would not hesitate to recommend Nice Pebbles and Pebbles for anyone considering a property purchase in Nice and the Riviera.”
Jane and Mark, January 2015

“Our Nice property search began in Spring 2014, trawling through websites in the UK looking for the perfect property that had to tick some very specific boxes : size, layout, location, balcony and price. We drew up a shortlist and over a long weekend in April lined up a series of viewings with three different estate agents.Nice Pebbles was the first. From the outset it was clear our Nice Pebbles experience was going to be great. We were met by a very friendly, bubbly and enthusiastic Pebbles. Having viewed two apartments that didn’t tick those important boxes, Pebbles decided we had to see a place that we had previously ruled out based on its appearance on the internet.

Pebbles had gauged our needs perfectly in a very short space of time. As soon as we walked through the door those boxes started to get ticked. The place wasn’t perfect – and the great thing was that there was no hard sell from Pebbles at all. No dressing things up – just an honest appraisal of the good and the bad things about the place.

We looked around a few more places, but nothing compared. Over a coffee we had the whole French buying process explained to us. This really helped take a lot of the nervousness out of the whole experience and made us feel much more at ease buying in France.

The bar had been set and the other agents came nowhere near matching our Pebbles experience.

A week later, back in the UK we put in an offer and had it accepted. The service we got from Pebbles and Nice Pebbles did not stop there. We were introduced to an English speaking Notaire who guided us perfectly through the legalities and answered any questions we had. Pebbles was always on hand too with help when we needed it. The day of the final signing Pebbles met us at the property for a final inspection, before accompanying us to the Notaire’s office.

Having signed and collected the keys, the next step was organising all the utilities. Again, we had nothing to worry about as Pebbles had taken care of everything as part of the Pebbles service… even finding us a gas engineer when we couldn’t get the boiler going.

All in all, as you can probably tell from this testimonial, we have no hesitation recommending Nice Pebbles. We got a friendly, professional service from start to finish and beyond. Nothing was ever too much trouble and no request or question was ever too trivial. If you’re thinking of buying on the Riviera, save yourself a load of time and trouble and let Nice Pebbles look after you !”
J. Hynes & S. Feggans, December 2014

“Dear Gayle, I think we may have spoken some weeks ago when I was thinking about buying a flat in Nice, following a couple of rental holidays with Pebbles over the past 18 months. I have gone through with that purchase and am now dealing with Hannah in your owners department as I want to rent the flat through Pebbles. It should be ready for rental towards the end of April – I am very much looking forward to working with your team on that. I also bought the flat through Pebbles’ Sales and dealt with Pebbles there. I just want to let you know that Pebbles was delightful to deal with : upbeat in the face of setbacks, thoroughly professional and she demonstrated a poise and thoughtfulness quite a way beyond what I understand her age and experience to be. I think she’s a real asset for your business but I suspect you already know that!”
Regards, M. Honoc, March 2014

“Working with Nice Pebbles was a pleasure and efficient. From the start they showed me a good selection of properties and guided me through the purchasing procedure and were responsive to my questions and needs. They have a good network of resources to help with other areas of buying a flat in France (setting up bank accounts, insurance, notaries etc). Throughout the whole process they have been willing to help. Small things like dealing with 3rd party contractors, the developers, dishing out the keys on my behalf and helping out with small favours make a huge difference when buying a 2nd residence away from home. A special thanks to Pebbles who always went beyond the call of duty to help me with everything from making sure the vendor fixed things before the sale to advice about good cocktail bars in the area!”
Ali, February 2014

“Hi Gayle, I hope you are well. I just returned to Dubai following a successful few days in Nice. I met the current owners, the compromis was signed, and we discussed the required fixes and design options. Your team was great – very thorough and supportive – and I know that we’re in good hands with you and Pebbles. So, I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and to say that I look forward to working through all the necessary steps to have a great apartment ready and on your books over the coming months to serve both our interests.”
Best wishes, David Grunfeld, January 2014

“Hi Gayle, We have just completed on the purchase of an apartment through NicePebbles and have been very well looked after all the way though the process by Nice Pebbles. Pebbles has been fantastic throughout, extremely helpful, prompt in communication and superbly efficient. She even managed to find the apartment for us on our first visit to look. We are therefore very pleased with the service we have received throughout and think that Pebbles has been absolutely great. We thought you may like a little feedback and we have nothing but the highest praise for Pebbles.”
Kind regards, Greg and Tracey Waldron, January 2014

“Dear Pebbles, I just want to say how glad I am that I decided to sell my apartment through Nice Pebbles. My reasoning was that it would be so much easier to coordinate the lettings and viewings and the eventual cleaning/hand-over if I kept the business “in the family” as it were. I have been proved right, and I think you have done a terrific job. Thank you very much. If any of my friends or relatives decide to invest in property on the Cote d’Azur, or just buy a little holiday home, I will not hesitate to recommend Nice Pebbles and next time I am in Nice I will pop in to the office in case you are there to say hello.”
With all good wishes for the future. Valerie, October 2012

“We decided to look for an apartment in Nice because it’s a town that offers everything: nice beaches, restaurants, boutiques and museums. We have known of Nice for a long time but it has seemed for the last few years, probably due to the increase in airlines flying here, Nice is on the map as one of the popular and hip places to visit.

We saw the bonus of working with Nice Pebbles for buying our apartment. We had done our research and knew we wanted to offer the apartment we bought for rent to holidaymakers through Pebbles. It made sense to buy from them too if we could. We knew we would then get the best advice on what to buy and the potential for holiday rentals when we were not using the apartment ourselves.

As well as the sea view and balcony we knew the area was great – right in the middle of the Carre d’Or on Rue de France. For us this is the best part of Nice, but it’s also the most expensive area in which to buy. Because it needed a little work, though not too much to be scary, we could buy it for a cheaper price and then spend a little on it to bring it up to the standard we wanted. Even though it is only a one bedroom apartment of just under 40 square meters, we felt that the apartment had the allure of a small villa, avec beaucoup de charme.

This appealed to us and Matt confirmed to us that many of the Pebbles guests would appreciate the feel too. It is also in an atmospheric Art Deco building with a lovely garden entrance that makes it a bit special.

We are excited about getting the keys and then renovating the apartment later in the year. On the advice of Pebbles we will offer the apartment as it is for the summer so we do not lose out on the season, bringing in a little more money to help with the renovation in the autumn”
Eric and Hans, happy owners of a Nice property on Rue de France

“Thanks for making the process of buying an apartment in Nice so easy. I’m glad I have taken the plunge but couldn’t have imagined doing it without your help.

I hate to admit it was a surprise how much more there was to do, after I got the keys and I can’t thank you enough for helping me with setting everything up and sorting out tradesmen and the utility bills.

I hope we can keep in touch!”
Lynsey Stevens, happy owners of a Nice property on Rue Verdi

“We contacted Nice Pebbles in order to buy an apartment in April. We had stayed with them on holiday for the last three years and their service was always impeccable.

The sales process was no different. By June we were the proud owners of a small studio. We wanted to do the decoration ourselves, but leaned on Matt and the team quite heavily for help with tradesmen and getting ourselves sorted out. We’d have been lost without their help!

Thanks to all of you, we’re so pleased with our little studio, though the hard part is now getting dates for ourselves! We certainly can’t complain about the rentals, they come in so fast. We hope to buy another next year, and leave the studio as just a pure investment, so we’ll be in touch.”
Richard and Zoe Hastings, happy owners of a Nice property on Rue de la Buffa

“In April this year we decided to invest in property in Nice. Not knowing where to start, like most people we turned to Google. On the first page we found it peppered with Nice Pebbles and upon investigating further we found it to be a company with English-speaking representatives, which was a good start!

We rented an apartment through Nice Pebbles in July 2009 to begin our search. We met with the team who discussed in depth with us our requirements, budget, location, whether we wanted a development project or whether we preferred to just walk straight into something. Sea views were important to us and so Laura and Matt concentrated on finding us properties that suited.

Nice Pebbles held our hand through the whole process, using their wide network of local contacts, they helped us arrange a mortgage, open a bank account, sort out insurance, assisting us on many levels, on all the things that you don’t think about or consider as your sole focus is just getting hold of those keys!

Interestingly, we found the process of buying in France very simple and straightforward. At all times you know exactly where you stand, and when things will happen along the way.

We viewed the apartment in the first week of July. We agreed a price and Nice Pebbles got the ball rolling immediately, so here we are on 9th September waiting for our furniture to arrive.”
Tony and Marie Glover, happy owners of a Nice property on Rue de Ponchettes

“Thank you for the quick sale of our one bedroom apartment in Nice. All aspects went very well in our absence and the Nice Pebbles team were very professional.

We are looking to sell our apartment in Antibes next year and we’d like to work with you again if you can cover that area.”
Neil McCarry, happy seller of a Nice property on Corniche Fleurie, Nice West

“My husband and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nice Pebbles to find your ideal apartment.

We had decided to purchase an apartment in Nice and rent it through Nice Pebbles – so who better to find us one? We spent an enjoyable few hours viewing several apartments, all of which were good possibilities for renting but loved one in particular on Rue Alberti.

Our offer was accepted and after recommending a Notaire, we were steered through a surprisingly problem free acquisition and completion was, in fact, several weeks earlier than anticipated.

Nice Pebbles were keen for us to have a rental income by September, which we thought was rather ambitious (having previously bought property in France) but sure enough, it was ready for renting by the 3rd week of August and has rented out almost solidly until the end of November.

Matt of Nice Pebbles recommended Liz Gibney Interiors, to furnish it. The result is a lovely stylish apartment, which is renting out well.”
Anne and Hew Collins, happy owners of a Nice property on Rue Alberti

“We bought an apartment through Nice Pebbles last year. We had stayed at a Nice Pebbles apartment before and we were delighted to see that they were now also in the sales business. We had wasted a lot of time with other agencies who seemed more interested in showing us what they had to sell rather than finding something that met our requirements.

We wanted to buy a one bed apartment in the centre of Nice which we could let to the holiday market and use ourselves from time to time. After narrowing down our search, Nice Pebbles showed us a good selection of apartments one of which met our requirements exactly. We were guided through the whole buying process, introduced to the lawyer and they attended the signing meeting.

Nice Pebbles explained every step and were always on hand for advice and they even helped us to organise the insurance, contact the syndic (the management company for the apartment block) and put us in touch with a local renovation company who were able to advise us on renovating the apartment. When we returned home help was always available by phone or e-mail and any queries were dealt with in a professional and efficient manner. This is extremely comforting and reassuring when you are dealing with a purchase in another country.

Our apartment will soon be ready for rental and we intend to rent it out through Matt and Gayle at Nice Pebbles. Buying property in Nice doesn’t happen overnight, some of the processes take a bit of time. We certainly would have struggled without Nice Pebbles help and we have been delighted with the outcome of our purchase, so much so that we are looking for another project this year and will be looking to Nice Pebbles to help us again.”
Sarah and Declan Brewster, happy owners of a Nice apartment on Rue Chauvain

“Thank you to all at Nice Pebbles for all the hard work they put into selling my apartment during these difficult selling times.

Special thanks to Laura for making the selling experience a smooth process from start to finish for me, which was especially important as I wasn’t in France at the time.”
Keith McInerney, happy seller of nice apartment in Mont Boron